Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home

Preparing your house for sale requires careful planning, prepping, and staging. It is important that you make your home stand out from the rest of the competition! There are many simple, inexpensive ways to make your home look and feel more attractive to potential buyers.


Exterior Prepping


Keep in mind that first impressions are important when selling your home. The appearance of your home must be in the ideal condition to catch the buyer’s eye. Make sure you’ve fixed and updated everything that is broken or needs to be replaced such as tiles and doorbell frames. Before a potential buyer comes into your home, you want to make sure the exterior appearance of your property is welcoming. Make sure your garden and lawn are healthy and manicured and overgrown plants are trimmed. Remove or replace all dead or dying plants. Always maintain a freshly mowed lawn, and if you have the extra cash, look into investing in new plants and flowers. Another inexpensive alternative is to simply weed and refresh your soil. Keep your front yard neat, clean, and green.


Clean It Up


Make sure your home is so clean it sparkles. Be sure to vacuum, scrub, and dust everything frequently. You want your home to be spotless with no dirt, dust, or mold. Dust all cabinetry, picture frames, and lighting fixtures as these attract the most amount of dust. Seek out and remove all cobwebs especially in hard to reach wall corners. Re-paint walls a nice, neutral color. To greatly improve the look of your kitchen and bathrooms, re-caulk the tiles. All aspects of your home should look clean enough to be new or look like it was never used.


Clutter can distract from your home’s good qualities. Everything should be neat and tidy, and there should be nothing displayed in your home that is unnecessary. The de-cluttering process prior to showcasing your home to potential buyers is a great way to get rid of old junk before you move out. Consider this: if you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably don’t need it. Organize your things neatly in storage cabinets and containers.




You want the buyer to think, “I can see myself living here.” Remove all personal photographs and family heirlooms as these are distracting for the buyer. If necessary, replace photographs or frames with neutral pieces of art.


Sensory Staging


Appeal to your visitors’ senses and evoke positive emotions in the buyer. Stage your home with fresh flowers. Play soft music in the background and offer freshly baked goods such as bread or cookies straight out of the oven. If you make home viewing appeal to all senses, the buyer will leave with a positive emotional experience.


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