Go Green to Save Money

Winter is just around the corner and Mirabal Montalvo would like to provide the best home improvement advice for our customers and clients for the upcoming cold months. There are many simple ways to save money on home expenses during the winter while simultaneously helping the environment.


Adjusting the Thermostat


Adjusting the thermostat at the appropriate time of day can lower the energy bills in your home. According to the U.S. department of Energy, efficient thermostat adjusting can reduce expenses 5%-15% every year. A programmable thermostat is highly recommended, so you can set temperatures once and not have to think about it each day. When you’re at home during the day program your thermostat for about 68-70 degrees. When you are away from your home for long periods of time (4 or more hours) or at night while you’re asleep, reduce the temperature to about 10-15 degrees cooler.
Proper Insulation


The most common place in the household for heat to escape is the attic. Hire a professional contractor to inspect the conditions of the attic insulation to prevent future energy loss.
Inspect windows and doors for air leaks and gaps. Sealing any leaks with silicone caulk or installing weather stripping around windows and doors are easy solutions for most air leaks. A quick and easy way to test whether a window or door has an air leak is to use a ribbon. Hold up the ribbon around the edges of windows and doors. If the ribbon flutters then there is a leak where air is getting in and heat is escaping.


Maintaining Air Filters


It is important to keep your air filters clean, and replace them when necessary. It is recommended to clean your filters every month, as dirty air filters obstruct air movement and can actually raise heating costs in your home. Consider replacing filters every six months. Electrostatic filters offer value and efficiency although they are a bit pricy. These kind filters are reusable and easily washable with water.

Servicing your Furnace


Consult a professional furnace technician every fall to have your furnace serviced. Be sure your professional adjusts, cleans, and lubricates your furnace along with the furnace filter. Maintaining a clean furnace can save you about 5% of your home’s heating energy.


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Relieving the Common Stresses of Buying a Home

A home purchase will most likely be the largest financial investment you will make. The pressures of this life-changing decision can cause stress, anxiety, for the home buyer. Mirabal Montalvo would like to help you put your ‘buyer discomforts’ at ease.


Choosing Trustworthy Professionals


Your advisor might be a real estate agent, real estate lawyer, or possibly your tax attorney. For the best experience, make sure you are explicit with those you are working with to get exactly what you’re looking for, don’t settle for anything less! If you have a friend that works in your area of interested business, keep in mind that friendship alone isn’t enough to establish a professional’s credentials. Set your standards high when choosing a trustworthy professional. Mirabal Montalvo firmly believes that the client comes first and every step must be taken in order to get their home sold. Here at Mirabal Montalvo we guarantee that all of our real estate professionals will provide our clients with exceptional service, honesty, and commitment. Contact Mirabal Montalvo today for all of your real estate needs including buyer and seller services, and commercial and residential listings.


Keeping Credit Clean


As you are getting ready to close your home purchase transaction, do not make large financing purchases or decisions. These large investments may work against your credit. You want to keep your credit as clean as possible, especially if you loan underwriting conditions have not yet been approved. Find out exactly what your credit report says about your credit history before you apply for a home loan, Do your homework to fully understand your credit score.


Is this the One?


Choosing your dream home isnot an easy task, make sure you are not overlooking anything as you get ready to make an offer or close on your home purchase transaction. Does this home fulfill all of your desired living requirements and personal preferences? Consider all of the amenities in both your dream home and neighborhood that you can’t live without. Create a list that conveys the minimum requirements (things you can live with and others you can’t live without), or even a pros and cons list if you’re highly considering two different properties. Buying a home usually implies a long residency, even permanency for some, so you have to be completely sure about your final home decision. Mirabal Montalvo realtors can help you make the best choice for your dream home!


To experience the best in Corpus Christi Real Estate visit mirabalmontalvo.com. Mirabal Montalvo & Associates is one of the top selling brokerages in Corpus Christi, Texas specializing in the residential and commercial South Texas real estate market.