Go Green to Save Money

Winter is just around the corner and Mirabal Montalvo would like to provide the best home improvement advice for our customers and clients for the upcoming cold months. There are many simple ways to save money on home expenses during the winter while simultaneously helping the environment.


Adjusting the Thermostat


Adjusting the thermostat at the appropriate time of day can lower the energy bills in your home. According to the U.S. department of Energy, efficient thermostat adjusting can reduce expenses 5%-15% every year. A programmable thermostat is highly recommended, so you can set temperatures once and not have to think about it each day. When you’re at home during the day program your thermostat for about 68-70 degrees. When you are away from your home for long periods of time (4 or more hours) or at night while you’re asleep, reduce the temperature to about 10-15 degrees cooler.
Proper Insulation


The most common place in the household for heat to escape is the attic. Hire a professional contractor to inspect the conditions of the attic insulation to prevent future energy loss.
Inspect windows and doors for air leaks and gaps. Sealing any leaks with silicone caulk or installing weather stripping around windows and doors are easy solutions for most air leaks. A quick and easy way to test whether a window or door has an air leak is to use a ribbon. Hold up the ribbon around the edges of windows and doors. If the ribbon flutters then there is a leak where air is getting in and heat is escaping.


Maintaining Air Filters


It is important to keep your air filters clean, and replace them when necessary. It is recommended to clean your filters every month, as dirty air filters obstruct air movement and can actually raise heating costs in your home. Consider replacing filters every six months. Electrostatic filters offer value and efficiency although they are a bit pricy. These kind filters are reusable and easily washable with water.

Servicing your Furnace


Consult a professional furnace technician every fall to have your furnace serviced. Be sure your professional adjusts, cleans, and lubricates your furnace along with the furnace filter. Maintaining a clean furnace can save you about 5% of your home’s heating energy.


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Choosing the Perfect Neighborhood

When in the market for buying a new home, consider the location for each property of potential interest. Remember that when you buy a house, you’re also buying a neighborhood. Location can make all the difference when buying a home. The surrounding neighborhood can often be overlooked, so it is important to take these tips into consideration before making your final decision.


Proximity to Amenities


Be sure that essential services in your neighborhood are easily accessible. Close proximity to community amenities are a bonus for most people. It would be ideal if your home was local to grocery stores, schools, post offices, etc.


It would be wise to take into account your personal needs lifestyle when choosing a home. If you have an interest in nightlife, consider moving to an upbeat urban city rather than a residential community. If you cannot go a week without golfing, make sure there is a course nearby. The surrounding community should appeal to you just as much as your home.


Commuting Costs


Commuting costs are often overlooked when considering a neighborhood. Think about the traveling distance from your neighborhood to your work office. Consider all of your traveling options, including public transportation, biking, and walking. If you are in doubt about the ease of the commute, try it a couple of times. Make the commute after work to your potential home and imagine doing it every day.Money spent on gas and transportation should be calculated in addition to the mortgage of every property to accurately calculate the cost of living.


First Impressions Aren’t Everything


If you are considering a property be sure to visit the home at different times of the day, including the night time. Visit the neighborhood on more than one occasion to get a more accurate feel of the neighborhood traffic and residents lifestyle. Remember, a home’s first impression could greatly change if you were to visit the property at night versus the daytime.


Interact with Residents


Talk to your neighbors and ask for their opinions. Most residents will offer honest opinions about neighborhood safety, noise levels, traffic, and other residents. Don’t be shy! Gathering more accurate information directly from your neighbors can help you determine the pros and cons of each community.


Do Some Research


Utilize the websites that offer information on neighborhood characteristics and statistics. Look into neighborhood safety and research recent crime rate around the area. Academic performances and rankings of local schools should also be investigated if you have children. Research price records of the homes in your area to gauge the relative value of your considered property.


Work with Mirabal Montalvo


Always communicate your neighborhood needs to your agent. All Mirabal Montalvo agents do everything they can to help you find the neighborhood that will fit your needs.


To experience the best in Corpus Christi Real Estate visit mirabalmontalvo.com. Mirabal Montalvo & Associates is one of the top selling brokerages in Corpus Christi, Texas specializing in the residential and commercial South Texas real estate market.